Tongue-and-Groove Paneling

Give your ceilings and walls depth and beauty.

Ceilings and walls covered in natural wood have depth and beauty that give years of enjoyment. Available in a wide selection of species, we work with you to help choose wood paneling that will compliment your entire structure.

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The Specs

Our product is a 3/4″ thick tongue-and-groove plank paneling that comes in multiple widths and lengths.


Smooth, pre-sanded boards with a cabinet quality finish have a superior face. No sanding required.


An interlocking tongue-and-groove with a matching 45-degree end chamfer that provides a revealed edge to the unique end grain of each board.

1/8 Blind Nail Edge

No nail holes! No putty! Each board has an edge on the tongue suitable for nailing into. This special edge is covered by the next board’s groove. Nail holes are undetectable whether using a hand nail set or pneumatic nail tool. No punch or driver marks are visible.  

6-8% Moisture content

This lower moisture content creates a more stable product and in most cases negates the need for the wood to acclimate to its installation environment.


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