Give your home the final touch
with custom millwork, mouldings, trim, and casings.
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The Specs

One of the final touches to any project is the millwork, mouldings, trim, and casing. Our goal is to provide millwork for your project in a wood species that complements your project and style that fits your decor.

Available in a variety of lengths.

Save money and minimize waste when you order your millwork in specific lengths.

Pre-finishing available on all millwork!

Choose your clear-coat or stain, and let us take care of the pre-finishing for your entire order.

Design your own millwork.

 Custom millwork is available based on a tracing or profile you provide. Match existing millwork or get an impossible to find profile tailor made for your project.

Available with optional saw kerf or plowed back relief

Choose this option when tension-relief is necessary, or when your millwork needs a little extra help adhering to a particular surface.

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