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Hardwood Interiors was started in 1984 as Bratu's Planing Mill by Steve Bratu. As a small family-run business, it flourished over the years by taking time to work with each customer to find a wood species and produce a product that was virtually hand-picked for each job. There wasn't a board in the shop that Steve didn't look at as he fed it through each machine. On the other end of the machine would be his wife,Rose, or one of his sons. In later years he would be helped by his brother-in-law. With time and much word-of-mouth-advertising from pleased customers our


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business and product quality increased. In 2001 Bratu's became known as Hardwood Interiors when operations moved into a new modern facility in the Ironwood Industrial Park,where it currently calls home. With our current 11-person crew and modern equipment we can produce a product with quality even better than before.



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Our Local Friends

K.V. Tech. has been serving the Northland area for over 28 years and is committed to making homes and buildings durable, long-lasting and economical.

Using proven methods of building science, K.V. Tech. incorporates the cutting-edge technology of Icynene spray foam insulation to provide an energy efficient and family friendly home.


K.V. Tech Corporation

23520 Faith Church Rd.

Mason, WI 54856

From Stoves to Fireplaces Both Wood and Gas, to Upholstery, Stone Work, Gas Grills, Accessories, Tools, Gifts and So Much More...


Stove and Upholstery Works

1406 East Lakeshore Drive

Ashland, WI 54806


715-682-4331 or 1-877-682-4331