Solid Wood Flooring

Wood flooring adds warmth and unique character to any room.

Available in a wide selection of species we work with you to help choose a wood floor that will complement your entire structure. Our product is a true 3/4" thick. Tongue-and- groove flooring available in multiple widths and lengths.

Pre-sanded: A fine polished 220 quad-sanded grit finish yields a premium surface that minimizes the natural adverse effects of seal coat application. Reduces overall labor costs and mess of post installation sanding.  

End matched: An interlocking tongue-and-groove with a matching micro bevel that provides a revealed edge to the end grain joint for a unique visual appearance and ease of installation.  

Micro-beveled: Small chamfers provide a revealed edge for a consistent long-lasting visual appearance where one board meets another. Micro-bevel allows for optional pre-finishing.  

6-8% moisture content: This lower moisture content creates a more stable product and in most cases negates the need for the wood to acclimate to its installation environment.


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For recommendations on how to care for and clean your new hardwood floor, click here.